AfriForum Appeals To Tshwane Metro About Dire State Of Rivers

City of Tshwane.

AfriForum has made an urgent appeal to the Tshwane metro about the disastrous state of rivers in Pretoria and surrounds.

The rivers includes the Hennops River in Centurion, and two more in Johannesburg and Ekhuruleni.

The rivers have fallen victim to severe pollution for many years, with AfriForum appealing to municipalities to address the issue multiple times before.

Before all the polluted matter in the water, the rivers had picturesque views with thriving fish and bird life around.

However, today it presents a completely different picture where residents in the area can’t even open their windows and doors due to the awful stench [coming from the polluted rivers].

“AfriForum is urgently appealing to the respective metros to both come up with a solution to the problem of pollution. We are also requesting a meeting in order to assist them with the process,” said JP Nel, AfriForum district coordinator of the greater southern parts of Pretoria.

This comes after Hennops Revival recently removed 50 tonnes of waste from the Hennops River in Centurion.

“Since the flood on 5 October, we have bagged 2 100 bags of trash and facilitated the removal of over 300 tonnes of waste by TLB and tipper trucks from our river,” Hennops Revival founder Tarryn Johnston said.

AfriForum is requesting a detailed action plan from the metros to indicate how the affected surrounds will be amended, and that a group of qualified experts conduct an impact study to get the best outcome.

“It’s absolutely shocking to see how raw sewage just flows into the rivers. AfriForum will continue to put pressure on the metros to act on this issue and come up with realistic solutions,” said Nel.

De Wet Ungerer, district coordinator for AfriForum in Gauteng South said, “It’s unacceptable that the metros are letting this happen. It’s disgusting that some people have to live like this, the community is demanding answers.

“Communities have the right to live in clean and safe suburbs, but at the moment, this is not the case at all,” said Stephanus Blignault, AfriForum coordinator in the East Rand.

The organisation gave the metros 15 days to respond with a valid action plan and to set up a meeting with the required role players.



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