Charges against bogus “TikTok Dr” Matthew Lani dropped


Lerato Mbhiza

Social media influencer and bogus doctor Matthew Lani had charges against him dropped following his dramatic arrest at the Helen Joseph Hospital on Sunday where he got nabbed while trying to escape through a window. 

NPA Spokesperson Phindi Mjonondwana said charges were dropped against the “bogus doctor” due to the lack of evidence. 

She added that “You cannot be charged for lying…lying is not an offence,” 

While briefing the media after his court appearance Lani said he was disappointed by the level of lazy journalism in South Africa.

“My fans have been supportive from day one, they’ve been amazing, and the naysayers will always talk. People are opinionated.

“I am just happy that the case got withdrawn. I will evaluate my content creation going forward because I love HIV/Aids education. Maybe I will do things differently.”

Lani has alleged that the Gauteng Department of Health used him for a campaign fully aware that he was not a medical doctor but an influential HIV/Aids activist.

He refused to comment on why he was walking on crutches and also about the ‘Degree’ he displayed to thousands of his TikTok followers and said he had never prescribed medication to anyone.

Earlier this month the Gauteng Department of Health opened a criminal case against Lani.

The well-known influencer posed as a doctor on social media, even appearing in scrubs at public healthcare facilities in videos he’s posted.

When he was caught at the hospital, he was posting videos about his whereabouts.


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