DA’s March to the Union Buildings, a turning point in our country says Dr Ivan Meyer


Lerato Mbhiza

Dr Ivan Meyer, Western Cape Provincial Minister for Agriculture addressed the supporters of the DA and said today will go down in the history books as the day that “We the people of South Africa recognise the present injustices under ANC rule, and we say enough is enough. We want a New Government in the Union Buildings to Rescue South Africa. “

The DA launched its 2024 election manifesto from the Union Buildings on Saturday and Meyer  promised the supporters that when the DA came to power, it would focus on unemployment, energy, and water crisis, crime, corruption, and lawlessness, ending cadre deployment and lack of service delivery, poverty and inequality, education, and also improving healthcare.

“DA’s rescue plan is not pie in the sky because it’s easy for parties to come and stand before you that have no track record in government to get up and, read out a list of possible promises that they could never implement

“But you know what? South Africans are tired of empty promises. They are tired of hearing about bullet trains when the trains that they used to take to work are no longer running. They are tired of industrialisation plans where the factories that they used to work with have closed due to load shedding. They are tired of hearing about smart cities”.

“In the DA manifesto, the promise to give the unemployed people 2 millions of jobs, South Africa needs a plan to rescue our economy and create more jobs,” he said

“The ANC’s failure to provide employment has created economic misery and plunged citizens into greater debt and despair,” he said.

According to official government statistics South Africa’s unemployment rate fell to 31.9% in Q3 of 2023, the lowest in a year, from 32.6% in the prior period. The number of unemployed persons decreased by 72 000 to 7.8 million, the employed rose by 399 000 to 16.7 million, and the labor force went up by 326 000 to 24.6 million.

Meyer added that South Africa should elect a president who speaks the truth and honours his oath of office.

“I want you to imagine a government free from corruption and one that can end load shedding. Imagine a world where women and girls can walk in the street without worrying about gender-based violence,” he said 

Earlier, DA Gauteng Premier candidate Solly Msimanga said it’s only a matter of time before Gauteng is also “rescued.” Msimanga also said  he will not name the “other party” because the name that should be on everyone’s mind should be DA.

“I am fighting to win Gauteng because I know that this is a province worth rescuing. This is the biggest march in the history of the DA. We are saying to President Cyril Ramaphosa, ‘pack your bags’,” Msimanga said.



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